Happy New Year!!  So the world didn’t end last month and for that and SO much more I am thankful!!  For all my 2012 and soon to be 2013 brides, we are working on updating ALL of our blog posts from the 2012 year.  I am not as diligent as I want to be on posting after every event and portrait session.  I am not one for resolutions but rather improvements, and that is on the top of my “to be improved” list!

I am proud to say between August and December Edoo Photography photographed over 16 weddings and 20 family/portrait sessions.  All together we had a fantastic year and want to thank ALL of our amazing clients who made this year the successful and creative year we dreamed it would be.  You are why we do what we do.  Your memories, love, and growing families are what life is about and we are so very thankful to you for letting us into your life and documenting those very special moments.  We want to showcase EVERY Single photo from every single one of you, and for those of my brides and groom, you know that is impossible since you are still going through the 2-4 thousand pictures from your wedding last fall trying to decide which ones are the best 200 for your album!     It  sure would be a lot easier to write one blog post right after the session or wedding than it will be to upload the 30-40 I will be attempting to blog about in the months of January  and February! But like I  said, I am working on improving that !!

For all of you rockstars that just can’t wait to see your photos make their debut on our blog and website, hold on to your horses, pants, microphones or hats!   You are about to be famous!  All this to say,  Sorry, I haven’t blogged your wedding or portrait session, yes I do love you guys and yes I do want the whole world to see your photos. I have neglected you  for far too long and I plan to make it right so very soon,  soooooooo STAY TUNED!!!

Happy New Year everyone, Can’t wait to see what 2013 brings us all!!


This past weekend we had the absolute pleasure of photographing Angelica and Carlos’ wedding day celebration. Despite everything (the rain, a lost corset tie, a sick groom) this couple enjoyed their wedding celebrations immensely.

From the first glance Carlos had of Angelica in her dress to the sweet whispers and giggles between the couple during the ceremony, there were smiles of joy plastered on their faces. Their ceremony was held at the beautiful St. James Catholic Church. We had about an hour to photograph the group afterwards so we took the party bus to Old Town Spring and took some fun and fancy portraits!

Afterwards the happy couple joined up with their guests and Le Jardin for the celebration of their lives. After they danced their hearts out and said goodbye to their family and friends, Carlos&Angelica hopped in a yellow cab headed off to start their lives together. But the party lived on! When the guests returned inside they had menudo and drinks waiting. From a love story video, slideshow, marichi band, fireworks, dancing, photobooth {provided by us} all the food and mexican pastries your heart could desire, these two thoroughly entertained their guests.

MANY MANY more photos to come. These are just a very small Sneak Peak for the happy couple!

{These are my very favorites from the day!}

“To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides.”

{Please Enjoy}

**This is how our day started**

**It then got a little calmer,  less hectic, and way sweeter**

**Sometimes families go crazy! { I encourage and love it!}

**Just have to love these faces**

*we had to formalize a bit*

**but then maybe not**

**Just us!**

**And like every good reception, this one started with a kick-punch and sombrero**

**And they lived happily ever after** {Stay tuned for their whole post in the next couple weeks}