What are THEY wearing!??! { A how to guide on what to wear for your Engagement Session}


 SOOOO it’s that time!  You are about to have your Engagement photos FINALLY taken.  Super exciting right??  Right.
You should be excited and you  definitely should not be stressed out.Engagement session are usually the first time I get to photograph my clients and this is a FUN and exciting day that we get to play around with poses and I get to watch you guys have fun as a couple while LONGINGLY staring into each other’s eyes and smooching on que!
This blog has been way over due ( sorry beloved past clients!)  because SO many of my couples comment as we are taking photos and  end up spilling the beans that they were SO stressed out over what to wear.
I usually send tips, but being the visual learner I am, I thought showing you guys what I mean would be best!
EVERY one of my couples has shown up looking AMAZING and I want to show you some of my favorite outfits and give you some, hopefully, helpful tips.  So, don’t stress!
So here is the long overdue “How-to guide on what to wear for YOUR Engagement Session”.
So, sit back, RELAX,  this will be fun for all of us!
 What in the heck should you wear!?
This is the “biggie”  because it is, after all,  what everyone will be seeing!  For variety I normally tell my clients to bring one formal and one casual outfit. But if you want to change outfits more than once I am totally for that. Having multiple outfits just gives versatility and gives you guys even more interesting photos to pick from.  This way we can get two totally different and creative looks.  If you would like, bring a little backpack or bag since we will be traveling around your locations by foot that way your extra change of clothes is portable and we can just find a bar,  restaurant or tree to hop behind!
Again, this is just a suggestion, If you have ONE rockin’ outfit, that is just as awesome!
DSC_7882 DSC_7468
I also tell my clients to try to coordinate.  Now… when I say coordinate, you may think back to the 90′s where that meant MATCH!!  I will say this once. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WEAR IDENTICAL CLOTHING!!! EVER!
You know, unless that is your thing!



FEEL FREE to match your location as well.  Show case that beautiful city you live in.  Are there landmarks that are noticeable or popular?
  If we have talked about locations and chosen one specific area beforehand, there is nothing wrong with wanting to match a gorgeous backdrop!
Have a beautiful city skyline?  Show it off with your photos!
DSC_1629 DSC_2924
If we are photographing at a barn, feel free to blend right in!
Match the blue trees?  Why not?
Photographing at the beach?  Wear your favorite beach dress and roll up those blue jeans!
 What makes you as a couple unique!?  What makes you stand out as your own beautiful human being?
Whatever that may be, showcase your individual style!!
Got INK?  Let it show!
Fancy a game of pool?
Now… for my Ladies
  I suggest bringing your favorite dress or dressy outfit, whatever that means for you.
A  sun dress can go A LONG way!!!
and nothing is TOO dressy
 but definitely do whatever you feel comfortable in. Whatever that may look like for you.
Sometimes the BRIGHTER the BETTER!
Color can be ANYWHERE and you can incorporate it into a shoot however you would like.   Color makes the photo POP!
Three words.  Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!
 Accessories are a great way of adding color or drama to ANY photo.


If all you are wearing is black, or white a pop of color can go A LONG way. Accessorize however you like. Whether that is a bright colored heels,  infinity scarf, wedges, cardigans, boots, jewelry, or ANY accessory you choose.
If you are a jewelry or heels kinda girl, go big or go home (don’t really go home, we’re still shooting!!!)
 Heels always look great on women, they make us tall, give us confidence and even make our calf muscles pop!  AND WHO DOESN’T  want that?
I would suggest bringing some flip flops or flats to walk around in unless you are the heel pro we all wish we were!


But, if the outfit calls for it, feel free to BARE ALL!
NOW The M word…
This is obviously applies to my ladies and  not your fiance… unless that is his cup-o-tea
 I  recommend to bring out the inner beauty queen… not drag queen in you!
Think breakfast at Tiffany’s , not Rocky Horror!
Some ladies get their make-up professionally done,  some choose to do it themselves  and some choose to wear none (which is perfectly perfect, whatever fits you)
Again, this is personal preference and whatever makes you feel most beautiful and brings out your natural beauty, I say go for it!
 If you like to wear lashes, do it!  They can bring on some GORGEOUS silhouettes
 Bring whatever lip-gloss, or lipstick you want so that you can reapply and feel free to go bright and bold if that is your thing.   I do, however recommend a lip stain or something semi-permanent, for the sake of your fiance, because I will be asking you to kiss often!!! Lipstick will get all over his face.


Now for my Fellas
A  shirt and jeans is great for your casual outfit, then all you have to do is throw a blazer on and VIOLLLLA, you have your dressy look!
 (sorry ladies, if only it were that easy! Am I right????)
Men can also bring their favorite Accessory!
A hat?  SURE!
A tie can do wonders!
And gentlemen, don’t be afraid to add some layers!!!
(please not to your hair, but to your outfit)
I personally LOVE the vest!
And yes even the occasional Sweater!
Make sure that both of you have thoroughly discussed this prior to the engagement shoot.  Generally, anything you wear is fine!   Whatever you feel comfortable in.
Can  you bring props?  YES!!! Of course!   Do you have to?  No, of course not!
Balloons are always fun!
Do know that I will be asking you to sit down on benches, grass, or wherever we may find so feel free to bring your favorite Blanket!


Bring what you want, but if you are wanting to use these photos for your “Save The Dates’”  it’s always fun to have a cute way of displaying your date!
Can you bring your Yacht?  NO? But I will come to yours!
Can you bring your Pooch? YESS!!!!
Can you bring your Goat?  PLEASE DO!
Can you bring your kid, YESSS!
Feel free to e-mail me with ANY other questions!
I cannot wait for your session and hopefully this gave you some good ideas!

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