It’s 2014 and I AM THANKFUL!

One word comes to mind when reflecting on 2013.  THANKFUL.

Edoo Photography is going on it’s sixth year and once again God has blessed me with the sweetest most stunning brides and beautiful couples I could ask for. We photographed over 30 weddings this year and stayed so busy I literally didn’t write one blog!

This year I read my bible, I learned some new things, I met new people, I traveled , i loved, i laughed, i worked, i cried, I lost, I won, I loved, I photographed people, I photographed myself, I was married for five years to the love of my life and best friend, I played zombie tag with my nieces and nephews, I watched my new niece turn ONE!!! I watched two of my sisters get married, I traveled some more, I swam with turtles, I saw a shark, I watched the sunrise, I watched the sunset, I thanked God, I spent time with my family, I ran, I became stronger, I went to my favorite place, I loved myself, I baked some stuff, I broke some stuff, I ate snails. I did a lot.

I am so blessed to have been able to be such a small part in each one of these couple’s lives but to be able to give them memories on paper of their most special day leaves me speechless. I don’t think I can put into words, how much joy it gives me to watch my clients on their happiest day and document each and every moment.

Saying “this is my job” is an absolute joke! I get to watch brides giggle over champagne and makeup with girls who have known them for a lifetime. I get to watch dad’s whisper to their daughter’s how beautiful they look in their gown. I get to watch grooms get their faces squeezed by moms. I get to watch flower girls run down the isles. I get to watch parents give their daughters to a man and trust him to take care of her. I get to watch grooms cry as their brides walk towards them the last time as a single woman. I get to hear vows so sweet and heartfelt I cry behind my lens. I get to watch couples promise to love each other like the verse in 1 Peter. I get to watch groomsmen pick up grooms and throw them up in the air. I get to watch a couple, for the first time as man and wife, dance together. I get to watch guests dance and act a fool!  I get to hear friends tell embarrassing stories from decades ago. I get to watch people laugh. I get to watch people cry. I laugh. I cry. I get to watch happiness in every sense of the word, unfold before my eyes. This is my “job”. This is what I get to do. I do this almost every weekend and it blows my mind! I AM THANKFUL!

I look forward to 2014 and another year of unique couples, and beautiful weddings.

THANK YOU to each and everyone of my 2013 brides and couples. Without your love and your trust in me, I wouldn’t get to do any of this!

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